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I have always loved photography; even as a teenager, I would cut high school and sneak off to NYC to look at photos at the Museum of Modern Art.

  As the years go on, I am drawn to what is around me in the natural world. A photograph only represents a moment in time. That time will never occur ever again. I never try to force a photo.

  Over time I realize that nature and the world around you will only reveal what it chooses to. You cannot force a photograph. You may think you are the creator, but in reality, you are only the witness to that moment in time.

I have studied/done workshops with the following noted individuals:

Fred Picker: Zone Vi Workshops 1978

Arkady Lvov:  Platinum Workshop at The New School 1998

Mark Osterman:  Photo Historian at the George Eastman House; learning Collodion Printing Out Paper

Richard Ritter & Bruce Barlow: doing Large Format Workshops

Paula Chamlee: Vision Workshop 2022

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