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Peter Schrager

Photography is a visual medium that can only supply a limited amount of control. I work with nature and the surrounding environment. Since a photo is only a moment in time that will never exist again, I find it to be a privilege to be able to capture light. Over the years, I realize I’m just a small part of the greater equation. It could be many factors, such as time of day, humidity, and temperature. When it comes to making photographs, all those mentioned earlier come into play. When printing, the exact conditions will never be present again. Lately, I’ve been making my emulsions to make a paper (printing-out paper) made for over 100 years. It is no longer manufactured today. All analog materials are made with an emulsion, whether film or paper. This is the crux of silver gelatin materials. One places a negative in a contact frame and exposes it to the sun; no darkroom is necessary! I feel much closer to the elements as I create the photograph and then use nature to expose the paper. It’s the serendipity of this process that love.

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